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Businesses & Bosses

Born out of the Four Points Film Project, Businesses & Bosses is one of my more recently scored short films.  Created in only 2 days, this film won the audience choice award and was selected to screen at the 2014 Filmapalooza festival in Hollywood.  The film seeks to answer the question, "what happens when elves, dwarves, and mages decide to play dungeons and dragons?"  And the answer? You'll have to spend the next 7 minutes finding out.

Music Town: SVU

  WARNING: Inapporpriate Content

Before you press play: this short film contains some adult themes and violence.  It also contains some catchy musical numbers that pulled in the award for best score and best sound design at Kansas City's 2015 48-Hour Film Project.  I've always had hopes of writing for a musical, and even though it was only 7 minutes, working on this film was without a doubt one of my favorites. Check out Joe Carey on Vimeo for more fun.

The Martyrdom of

Old Saint Nick

Created over a period of several years, the Martyrdom of Old Saint Nick was the brainchild of Josh Winegarner.  His goal was to combine multiple forms of media and animation to create a twist on the classic holiday animation/film.  In the story, things take a surprising turn as Krampus returns from the great beyond.  It all begins with a mysterious visitor, a briefcase, and a family looking for a quick and easy answer to their troublesome child.


Normal Life

  WARNING: Inapporpriate Content

This film was my first experience with international film festivals and was a submission for the 60 hour Colchester Film Festival.  While the project didn't place in the final standings, it does represent one of the films I'm most proud of.  Working with Beached Whale Productions for this film was, as always, an incredibly enjoyable experience, and we plan to return to the festival next year for another attempt at fame and glory.

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