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~ Teaching Awards, Video Lessons,  and Class Recordings ~

Lieber Memorial Teaching Associate Award

This highly competitive award is presented to 1-2 graduate students each year from across all of Indiana University’s campuses.  The award represents exceptional work across research, teaching, and service at the graduate student level, with a particular emphasis on excellence in teaching.  I was presented this award in January of 2019 for my work across five years at IU.

The Kimchi Bandit Series

Perhaps my greatest achievement in video production, the Kimchi Bandit series, was made with a group of English teachers living in Korea. Based on the material from the national English curriculum, we attempted to create a series that was fun and engaging, while still capturing the content that students were being asked to learn.  Overall, the videos went over incredibly well.

Part 2  |  Part 3  |  Part 3

Textbook Chapter Lessons

In addition to my work on the Kimchi Bandit series, I also spent some of my time in Korea creating simple lessons that were highly specific to the textbook material. As with the Bandit, these lessons were designed to help students more actively engage in the learning material, and to see how the vocabularly they were learning could be applied in real world contexts outside the classroom.

Korean Sample Class

This recording comes from one of my "Open Classes" in Korea, where teachers from all the schools in the district were invited to come watch a lesson.  This example class, although more prepared than most, was fairly typical for my day to day teaching of elementary English in a public school in Seongnam (just south of Soul). Most of my classes were taught with a coteacher, and had between 35 and 45 students in each.

Part 2  |  Part 3

International Sample Class

During my time in Korea I also had the opportunity to lead a weekly international class between students in Korea and our sister school in Australia.  These lessons offered a chance for students in both cultures to learn about traditions, languages, customs, and the day to day life of their global peers.  It was a wonderful experience and greatly helped to increase my belief in the benefits of global collaboration.

Part 2  |  Part 3


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